BSZ Keramikbedarf – English

Current Information

Dear friends of pottery, artists, potters and artisans,

please be informed, that we are working on our annual stock taking. Therefore we are closed between 24.12.22 and 07.01.23.

For any information regarding your orders, we can be reached by E-Mail.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Your team of BSZ Keramikbedarf


We offer:
• raw materials, frits
• clays and casting bodies, soapstone
• porcelain bodies
• engobes, sinter engobes
• effect glazes for stoneware and earthenware
• brush-on glazes
• glaze stains/pigments and colouring oxides
• underglaze colours, onglaze colours, lustre colours, precious metals
• porcelain painting accessories
• tools for clay and soapstone
• accessories for lamps and clocks, etc.
• pottery wheels, machines, kilns, scales etc.